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Mekurikko! Free 1.2

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Price: Free, Version: 1.1 -> 1.2 (iTunes)


It is standard "[Riba-shi]" of the table game, and a game application program.
In addition, it can enjoy "[Riba-shi]" of the puzzle in addition to usual "[Riba-shi]".

1. This'll flip! Is a puzzle sensation Reversi.

This free version, we offer five stages.
Puzzle sense, Reversi Please enjoy the unusual.

Time reversal "Doremi" gives a sense of exhilaration melody!

When strong inversion, the wail of a screaming sound surprising, will boost the mood!

2. At any time, you can suspend and resume.

Mobile's unique focus on convenience.

Three. Assistant your (you Tsukuru) will support the

If you rejoice Tsukuru victory is imminent!
And you get an advantage, you Tsukuru, Masu Yoshi a major Hashagi.

4.'ll Flip on this board, but do people play against each other.

iPad unique to revive the big screen, we offer a match between human beings.
This'll turn! Reversal of the puzzle that you can enjoy the game between human beings.

รข€» The network play is not available.

5. In addition, the paid version is available in 20 stages.

And it is also possible to play games it can compete with people around the world rankings.
First, try the free version of this top, come on, please try a stepping stone to the world.
What's New

Ver 1.2

The sound was changed. Only the sound effect ..switch.. corresponded.
The image was changed.

Mekurikko! Free

Reference: http://ping.fm/AHqyR

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