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ColorClock HD 1.0

Category: Utilities

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


This clock tells you the time, without any moving parts, numbers or letters. Color says it all!

A beautiful and intriguing invention that's a great conversation starter when displayed as a mantlepiece, on the coffee table, or even attached to the wall. Challenge your friends or visitors to identify the function of the colorful image on your iPad.

To discover the Color Clock in stunning HD, download this free app now and see if you can learn to read the time quickly. Once you've discovered how it works, it's great fun to see your friends struggle in identifying the app as a clock.

Or, you can choose to skip this intelligence test and read the explanation below :).

This color clock is a patented invention by Peter Desain.
Rodo - Intelligent Computing holds an exclusive license for iOS distribution. Be sure to check out our other apps on the left side of the screen!

*** Explanation (SPOILER ALERT!) ***
Are you sure you will give in? Stop reading now if you want to experience the Aha-erlebnis yourself!

Explanation: the colors of the single color circles indicate the time. The smallest circle is for hours, the medium one for minutes, and the largest one for seconds. Find the position of their current colors on the rainbow circle and you will know the time... Too bad you didn't find this out yourself!
ColorClock HD


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