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Newtons Fable 1.0

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Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


NEWTON'S FABLE is the world's first Steam Punk Manga Musical. It is a Mashical - a new genre of music-driven storytelling that seamlessly combines beautiful graphics, an amazing, eclectic musical score of 21 songs that come together to tell a tale of life, love, loss and redemption in world that is different but not unlike our own.

The story is delivered via 4 separate, serialized books that we call "Acts", in keeping with the fact that this is a musical story.

NEWTON'S FABLE follows the adventures of David and Margaret Newton as they navigate the world of Artificial Intelligence via the 4, separate, serialized Acts that are delivered to your iPad and are available for purchase, via the Newton's Fable Newsstand store application.

Act 1 is free with the app download.
Act 2 is available for immediate in app purchase.
Act 3 will be released for in app purchase on December 13, 2010
Act 4, the final, very secret/under wraps, installment, will be released for in app purchase on February 14, Valentine's Day, 2011

App Features:

Full colour newsstand homepage with music and 30 second song previews.

Act 1 of the fascinating steam punk manga musical tale of David & Margaret Newton. Beautiful story and graphic work and amazing songs, an incredible free offer that is not to be missed.

Links to Newtons Fable website for news bulletins and update

The Newton Newsstand will also provide news, updates and additional information to do with Newton’s Fable and other exciting new Mashical projects.

Newtons Fable


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