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Biology I 1.0

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Bold Type Media: Biology I is a study app to help you master first semester college level Biology. This app will save you hours of writing out your own flash cards. Some features of this application include, designing your own quizzes or choosing one of the Quick Quiz buttons to generate a quiz. The View Questions section allows you to study all the questions and answers. You can hide and flag questions for later review as well.
The Stats section gives you a visual and numerical representation of your progress in answering questions of the quizzes you have generated.
There are over 1000 questions arranged into the following subjects.

Exploring Life
Chemistry of Life
Membrane Structure
Cellular Respiration
Cell Communication
Cell Cycle
Chromosomal Inheritance
Molecular Inheritance
Gene to Protein
Bacteria Genetics
Eukaryotic Genomes
DNA Technology
Genetic Development
Decent Modification
Evolution Population
Origin of Species

This application is intended to prepare you for lecture exams in Biology. It has no graphics, but is loaded with plenty of description of the of the terms you need to know to master the subject.

This application requires no network connection and you can study Biology anywhere at anytime.
Biology I


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