Price Drop: Buzzword Frenzy (Games)

Buzzword Frenzy 1.1

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Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


Fans of the game Catch-Phrase, Taboo, and other word games will love Buzzword Frenzy.

Think of your favorite multi-player word games on STEROIDS. Whip out Buzzword Frenzy in any setting and watch a party explode! With 3 game modes, loads of options, and an ever-expanding word list, Buzzword Frenzy is right for any occasion. Come see what the buzz is about!

The game starts with as little as two people. The person with the device must have his teammates guess the word or catch phrase without using rhyming words or spelling.

In Hot Potato mode, two teams compete against the clock and the last team holding loses!

In Sprint mode, race against the clock as you try to clear as many words as possible in the given amount of time.

In Time Trial mode, see how fast your team can clear the set amount of words.

Be the savior of any dull moment by bringing Buzzword Frenzy in your pocket wherever you go!

Check out for more rules, tips, and tricks!

NEW: Video walkthrough of the game:

Cool new features:
• Review words after a round and see how long each word took
• One click look-up of words you don't know
• Multiple time settings
• Intelligent scoring and timers
• Pause button to rescue a competition during distractions
• Saved game states to continue games if a game is interrupted
What's New

Fixed crashing bug from the corrupted word list.
• Tweaked some interfaces and external links
• Streamlined word list download capability
• Internet connection required message displayed for word list download
• Skipped words display as "skip" instead of 999.0 in review words
• Word selection logic changed to ensure no duplicate words until entire list of words from a category has been displayed once

Buzzword Frenzy


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