Price Drop: LeonardFrogHD (Games)

LeonardFrogHD 1.1

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Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


Now free for a short Time
Leonard Frog has made the leap to the i pad.

The popular number 1 frog game is now available for the ipad.
Its fast,exciting and best off all? ITS GREEN. Leonards friends "Super Beaver" and "Toxic Freddy" now have even bigger surprises for you during your game,more surprises than the pope at a singles party. Even miss piggy would dump kermit for a chance to get with this frog! This is one hell of a frog were talking about people!
The game is one of the top selling games for children although it seems adults have had the most love for Leonard Frog, because it has all the old school charm of the c64er style games. 
load "leonardfrog",8
Download it, play it and see for yourself what this little frog can do. 
Hop on Leonard - Go for green What's New

-Some graphic bugs during the extra wheel are solved

-The sound of the turbo twister does not interrupt the iPod sound anymore

-A new pause button

-New levels with new see roses.


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