Price Drop: Math Brain Trainer (Games)

Math Brain Trainer 1.0

Category: Games

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


How's math? From today, you can find out if your neurons are at the right speed with Math Brain Trainer!

This typical application will allow you to compete with operations on three different difficulty levels, easy medium and difficult: for any match, you will have 10 calculations to be solved, but be careful, because the clock will move inexorably, and in the time available you have to choose the right result between the four possible in the time available. For each step you will receive its rating, based on right or wrong answer and its time; at the end of the game you will have the chance to enter your score on the online ranking continuously updated.

So? Are you still waiting? Do you feel ready to become a math genius on the iPhone?
Math Brain Trainer


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