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For Muslims and NON-Muslims. 20 Years ahead (till 2029) know all Muslim Holidays.. Also if you live in or plan to visit the Arab/ Islamic countries, then this is really important app.!!
This app uniquely illustrates dates of Islamic holidays and events in the Georgian calendar (solar) for the next 20 Hijri years to come (until the year 2029 AC- 1450 H)
The app correlates Hijri years with the Georgian calendar years in the sense that the acquiring can explore the calendar year corresponding to the Hijri year (and vise verse).
After getting familiar with the two calendars, the operator chooses a Hijri year and upon so he/she can review the programed dates of Muslim holidays.
The program reviews the dates of the six most important holidays and events in the Islamic calendar which are:
Islamic New Year
Prophet's Birthday
Isra and Ma’iraj
The beginning of the lunar month of Ramadan
Eid Al-Fitr, celebrate end of fast.
Eid al-Adha, celebrate Hajj-sacrifice.
The application displays the date in a clear pattern of day, date, month and year. The operator can choose any Hijri year until 1450 Hijri (2029 AC).
The application follows Umm al-Qura calendar. It also builds data from astrological computations by scientific bodies, including the U.S. space agency - NASA about the movement of the Moon and new Moon and full Moon phases.
In any case, it must be recalled that the beginning and the end of the lunar month still depends and determined by “eye testimony” to adopt the beginning of Ramadan and other months and therefore upon all occasions in the Lunar Islamic Calendar. This may support the differences between the dates in this application and the dates adopted by the deciding Councils Issuing Fatwas (decisions) in different Islamic States.
And therefore there must be alert that the dates may be one day ahead or one day late for the calculations in this application follow scientific approach where decisions of actual dates are decided by witnessing (by the human eye) the phase of the Moon.What's New

updated data and modified user interface
Muslim Holidays Dates


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