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newGEO Alert 1.0

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Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


newGEO Alert will ONLY work on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS running iOS 4 (multi-tasking).

newGEO Alert is a new GPS location service driven by a new software product named “newGEO Location Engine”.

newGEO Alert sale: SPECIAL 100% OFF

(FREE for 14 days - until Nov. 18)

WHY FREE? To make this the best product on the market with your input.
FREE because if you find a problem please email "".
For example, it has not been tested outside the U.S.
I will try to answer all questions emailed - authors can not write in the review section.
If you like the product: please write a review. Thanks in advance.

This location engine will accurately alert you (normally) within meters when you are near a point of interest and at the same time not significantly run down the battery on the iPhone. Under normal use you should be able to run the program in the background at all times 24 / 7. Actual results may vary.

Typical GPS systems will completely drain the battery in about 3 hours, newGEO Alert will not.

newGEO Alert will automatically remind you of places of interest / reminders as you near the location or when you exit the location. You can set up stores, gas stations, grocery stores, cleaners, church, school or anything that may be of interest to you.

Watch the map in real-time as you travel toward your saved locations. It is a real GPS map.

You can be reminded with:
- with a visual prompt either entering or exiting a location
- with a the iPhone vibrate
- with a selected sound of over 50 sounds
- with your own recorded messages (only in the foreground)

The reminders can occur even if the phone is off (not powered off)

“newGEO Location Engine”

An enormous amount of research and development time has been devoted to the creation of the “newGEO Location Engine”. The development and QA (Quality Assurance) team are proud to present this new product.

It will save battery life when it is not needed.

The newGEO Engine is self modifying in order to modify its behavior depending you how you travel and understand your travel habits. The engine knows how long you are stationary and adjusts the program’s settings like-wise.

If you are many miles / kilometers from your saved locations, the newGEO Location Engine will enter a “save battery” mode until you get closer to your reminder / alert locations.


The system will automatically remind you when you get close to a location both when you enter a location and when you exit a location.


* newGEO Location Engine will automatically find your locations with a reduction of normal GPS battery usage

* newGEO Location Engine will move into “save battery” mode if you are many miles / kilometers from your saved locations.

* Real-time GPS map will guide you to a saved location

* Runs in the background and can alert you even if the iPhone is turned off (not powered down)

* Easy to use with a simple user interface

* You can switch to “GPS only” mode for continuous mapping

* Processing in the background can be turned on or off

* Distance can be reported in either meters or yards

* Three modes to add locations / reminders:
- iPhone Contacts / Address Book
- Type an address and the correct coordinates will be searched
- Drop a pin at a desired map location – it will look for the address

* Over 50 sounds – select one for a special location. (fun)

* Record your own messages and play them back when you are near a location (foreground only)

* iPhone vibrate when nearing a location

* Maps can be viewed with the standard, satellite, or hybrid maps

* When the iPhone is charging, newGEO Alert runs in continuous update mode (“GPS only” mode)

* Ability to turn each location off when not needed (example: I already picked up the dry cleaning)


newGEO Alert


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