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Push4Help 1.0

Category: Lifestyle

Price: $4.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


Your iPhone / iPod touch or iPad - COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!!

Push4Help is a personal security application for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad that could save you or your family.

Using a single press button on the touch screen of your iPod/iPhone/iPad, Push4Help is designed to provide assistance from a pre-configured contact via email or SMS, .

Carers: Configure Push4Help with your contact email and SMS number, your patient can contact you when HELP is needed.

Carers: - Push4Help can be configured with your contact details SMS and Email so you can be on-hand if needed.

Medical Condition - when you need HELP fast, there is no time to dial numbers or send an SMS. Push4Help sends a pre-set message to your contact.

Community Care Service Providers: Push4Help can be configured for your central email or SMS number. The clients name, location and phone number are sent to you.

Lone Workers: You never know when you may need help. Pre-configure Push4Help to send a HELP message to your support person.

Duress: Push4Help can provide peace of mind knowing help can be reached if you are at risk of attack.

Push4Help turns your iPhone/iPod/iPad into an emergency help device, if you need HELP you can just tap the "Help" button on the touch screen, to send a HELP MESSAGE to a predefined contact via SMS or email.
Each HELP message sends the *approximate Help location address via SMS or Email with a link to Google Maps to show the location. The your phone number is also sent with a brief help message, so you can be contacted via phone immediately.

The application also detects a fall and will send a HELP message if it senses an impact, like a fall.

Push4Help uses a non-phone SMS service so SMS can be sent from iPod touch and IPad, with a WiFii connection, so is not linked to a phone account and will not run out of credit.

With your first registration to our Worldwide SMS service you will receive 25 FREE SMS messages without the need for credit card or payment details. Once satisfied with your SMS account, you can top-up your account via secure payment service with your web browser.

In most countries the SMS cost is significantly less than telecommunications providers.

SMS can be disabled is email only message is required.

With Push4Help - you will never feel alone.


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