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Solitaire Stacker Free 1.001

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If you're a big fan of Solitaire, but need a new challenge, Solitaire Stacker is for you.
♠ ♥ ♦ ♣

Solitaire Stacker is faithful to its namesake, but merges with the technological capabilities of your device to bring you a fresh playing Solitaire experience like none other.

How to Play:
When the game starts, all 52 cards are lined, face-up, along the bottom of the screen. Scroll through the deck to find the cards needed to complete each of the four suited foundations.

When each card is found, drag it upwards and it'll get sucked in to the appropriate foundation. Cards are placed in each foundation Ace -> King.

Speed is the key to scoring big points. Keep track of your scores with the robust stat tracking and daily graph (coming soon*).

â™  High Quality Graphics and Presentation
♥ Smooth Gameplay
♦ Several Different Card Types and Background Colors
♣ Track Your Progress via the Daily Graph (coming soon)
â™  Over 20 Categories of Tracked Stats
♥ Perfect for Quick or Long Session Gaming
♦ Learn the Game or Perfect Your Skill
♣ Music by The Jason Parker Quartet


Solitaire Stacker is also an excellent tool for strengthening your reflexes and short term memory, and is a fresh experience for fans of Solitaire.

Play the Most Innovative New Card/Puzzle/Strategy game today!

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*also plays well on the iPad.

Special Thanks:
The Jason Parker Quartet
Because there was no better music to fit the mood.

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Synth Racingâ„¢ and mrWalrus Presents: An Impossible Game

If you have any questions or comments please free to message us at

** This game is supported through in-game advertisements. The ads are unobtrusive to gameplay, briefly showing after each round has been completed.

Thank you and please enjoy. :)
Solitaire Stacker Free


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