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Trivio 1.0.7

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Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0.7 (iTunes)


★ TRIVIO -- HOT Voice-Activated Quiz Game. Like a TV game show, tap the Big Red Button and Speak the Answer! Due to popular demand, TRIVIO is FREE - so enjoy everyone!

★★★★★ TRIVIO IN THE NEWS ★★★★★


★ Nov 23, 2010 - TRIVIO was featured on CHCH TV News with a segment on TRIVIO's worldwide exposure and success on iTunes in Canada.

★ WE'RE HOTTER! - TRIVIO rockets to the Top in CANADA!

Nov 25, 2010: #6 "TOP GROSSING" TRIVIA.
Nov 25, 2010: 29 "TOP GROSSING" FAMILY.

Nov 22, 2010: #4 "WHAT'S HOT" on TRIVIA.
Nov 22, 2010: #7 "WHAT'S HOT" on FAMILY.

Nov 19, 2010: TRIVIO game hits the "WHAT'S HOT" board in 18 spots on the App Store.

Nov 13, 2010: TOP-5 NEW & NOTEWORTHY

★ TIP: 1 PERSON should speak the answer and WAIT for the microphone to pop up before speaking. TRIVIO works best in a quiet location and all answers have been tuned to anticipate North American "phonetics".

TRIVIO uses cutting-edge voice recognition technology to create an exciting interactive trivia experience. TRIVIO asks you a series of questions, and you earn points for each correct answer. The faster you answer, the higher the score!

✔ Play the New TRIVIO "TEAMS" game! Go head-2-head against another device in a lightning fast game of wits!

✔ Fun, original and unforgettable quiz game.

✔ Works on all Apple devices: iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. For the older iPod touch devices, you will need earbuds with a microphone.

✔ Speech Recognition and Voice-Activated artificial intelligence AI.

With TRIVIO, you can challenge yourself with hours of compelling trivia questions on a variety of topics. TRIVIO has thousands of questions just waiting for your answer.

Questions are grouped in categories - General Knowledge, Geography, History, Literature, Math & Science, Entertainment and Sports. You can select your questions by category or show the true breadth of your knowledge by playing random categories.

In TRIVIO, points are scored for each correct response based on how quickly you answer. The questions range in difficulty from Easy to Killer - the harder the question, the more points you earn.
What's New

★ NEW TRIVIO "TEAMS" play - Lightning Fast Bluetooth game for head-2-head play against another device!

★ Added "Sound Precision" option to Settings for the many different forms of English accents around the planet.

- Added new AUTO-PILOT feature to let the game advance to the next question without hitting NEXT

- Increased speed of when microphone image appears

- Added difficulty option to let a player pick Easy, Harder, Difficult and Killer questions

- Questions: less Baseball, more Soccer and other sports. Fixed year when Salem Witch Trials occurred, and FDR quote.

- New style: Finish the lyrics...

- Added more questions to Starter pack



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