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Who SAidâ„¢ you are not dealing with just another fraudster, scamming you of your hard earned cash?

Did you know, South Africans are issued with a green Identity Book and should know what their number is off by heart.

Before you part with your hard earned finances, make sure you are not dealing with a fraudster.

Who SAidâ„¢ works like the Green Card would work in the United States of America.

A Green Identity number is required in South Africa for doing just about any business. From taking out insurance, to opening a bank account. The problem is that fraudsters are making illegal copies.

Who SAidâ„¢ makes sure that you are dealing with a valid South African and a valid Green Identity Card and not a fraudster.

Who SAidâ„¢ verifies the Identity Number entered against a very complex math algorithm supplied by the South African Government Home Affairs department.

From the correct number input, Who SAidâ„¢ can tell you what the person's date of birth is, what their sex is and whether the number they have supplied you is actually correct.

If you suspect the person you are dealing with is perhaps committing fraud, then call 10111 from anywhere in South Africa to get through to the nearest police station and report a possible crime and in that way you will be part of making South Africa a much better place for all.

This is another CRIME STOP initiative to make South Africa tourist safe.
Who SAidâ„¢


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