Update: Accounts & Reckonings (Finance)

Accounts & Reckonings 1.3

Category: Finance

Price: Free, Version: 1.2 -> 1.3 (iTunes)


Accounts & Reckonings allows you to quickly and easily keep tabs on common expenditures among a party of friends holidaying together, sharing a flat, going to the restaurant, etc… For every expense (shopping, rent, transportation, restaurant, gas, utility bill, ...) you indicate which of your friends made the payment for the group.

When the time has come to settle accounts (end of the mont, diner, holiday, …) everyone knows immediately who owes what to whom.


- Ability to manage multiple accounts simultaneously
- Unlimited number of participants
- Possibility to choose a participant in the telephone contacts
- Ability to allocate certain expenses to part of the group only
- Management of couples and families (for example, children can account for half a share)
- Ability to pro-ratize participant’s expenses (ex: participant stays only 2 days in a 7-day rental)
- E-mail send of the expenses recap and final participants’ balanceWhat's New

- Correction of the bug that reset the display of expenses after a "memory warning"
- E-mail send: the participants' names is added to expenses that do not involve every member of the party
- Logo: modification
Accounts & Reckonings

Reference: http://ping.fm/S06OA

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