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Chronic Pain Tracker Lite 2.5.5

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Price: Free, Version: 2.5.4 -> 2.5.5 (iTunes)


Chronic Pain Tracker is the most complete pain tracking application available for the iOS platforms. Intuitive entry input combined with a visually oriented reporting engine. Review data interactively or output to PDF, CSV or XML formats. For less than the typical insurance co-pay, you can improve the management of your pain.

Chronic Pain Tracker Lite is a great way to try out the features of Chronic Pain Tracker. Our Lite version provides a fully functional pain tracking system, but is limited to 20 concurrent pain entries. Give it a try, we think you’ll find it just what the doctor ordered.

☆ Each Pain Entry can track any or all of the following:
 ✔ Level (1-10 visual pain scale)
 ✔ Description (eg. Stabbing, Burning)
 ✔ Location (Use our unique pain painter)
 ✔ Comments (enter as much as you need)
 ✔ Medication (record when and what meds)

☆ Precise pain location using Pain Painter
 ✔ Use a palette of 4 colors to paint your pain levels
 ✔ Zoom & Panning allow you to be as detailed as you need to be
 ✔ Eraser & Undo tools make pain painting foolproof
 ✔ Its quick and a great communication tool with your doctor

☆ History view provides timeline based summary
 ✔ Details for each Pain Entry visible in the table
 ✔ Color coded records show "bad" days
 ✔ Tap on any entry to open and edit

☆ Extensive Reporting Options
 ✔ Aggregate across multiple timeframes
 ✔ Statistical summaries for Pain Level, Pain Descriptions, and Meds taken
 ✔ Interactive graph timeline showing all entries, daily averages, and moving averages
 ✔ Advanced pain mapping creates composite images to highlight recurring areas of pain
 ✔ Animated reports let you watch your pain evolve over time

☆ Data at your finger tips
 ✔ Generate full color PDF Report Output
 ✔ Report data can be output to CSV or XML formats
 ✔ E-mail PDF, CSV & XML without leaving the application
 ✔ Protect your data with multiple Backup/Restore options

☆ Customizable Features & Localization
 ✔ Create your own Pain Description terms
 ✔ Build your own list of medications to track
 ✔ User Interface & Help available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.

If you are suffering with chronic pain, you know it can be difficult to communicate pain history to your doctor. You have moments to reflect on a month or more of history. You can't do this effectively without a solution to track your pain AND aggregate the data AND communicate it effectively. Chronic Pain Tracker is that solution.

Give your doctor a complete pain report highlighting pain levels, descriptions, and locations. You can interactively review your complete history so your doctor can better diagnose your condition and recommend treatment.

The best way to communicate complex information is visually. Only Chronic Pain Tracker provides the Pain Painter. Use the touch screen capabilities to paint your pain onto the mannequin. Pain Painter is the ideal platform to record where you hurt. This visual history is aggregated in Report Views to show the focal points of your pain. In addition, these visual records can be animated to show how your pain levels and locations evolve over time.

Chronic Pain Tracker was designed and developed by a chronic pain sufferer. It’s being used by hundreds of people every day to improve the management of their chronic pain. What are you waiting for? Give it a try today!

Rated an "Editor's Choice" by AppCraver Online App Reviews (http://ping.fm/Guqhc)

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Version 2.5.5 changes: Released: Nov 18, 2010
[FIXED] - Zoom and Pan issue with Pain Painter where the very right edge of a zoomed body image was outside the paintable area of the scrollView.
[FIXED] - Intermittent bug related to display of painEntry timestamp timepickerview.
[FIXED] - Attempting to create a PDF of a report for a second time (without exiting the report inbetween attempts) would cause app exception.
[ADDED] - iOS 4.2 support
[ADDED] - Direct Printing for PDF Reports. When viewing a generated PDF Report, you now have the option to print document directly from the application (requires iOS 4.2 and supported printer).

If Chronic Pain Tracker is helping you, please give us a 5 star rating and review in iTunes. We love to hear how our product is helping you to manage your chronic condition. It's your feedback that keeps the updates coming.
Chronic Pain Tracker Lite

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