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Crossword Helper 1.5

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Price: Free, Version: 1.1 -> 1.5 (iTunes)


N__d h_lp fi__ing in y__r bl_nks?

AFKSoft Crossword Helper is a free utility for solving crossword puzzles or other word games where the goal is to guess words and fill in blanks. If you are stuck on a difficult clue, just enter any known letters of your word, with spaces for blanks. Then you get a list of possible answers. Tap any answer to view its definition or synonyms and narrow down your choices.

★ Fast startup
★ Quick and simple to use
★ Fast pattern searcher, find those blanks
★ Searches as you type, wastes no time
★ Dictionary lookup, explains it all*
★ Thesaurus lookup, many ways to say it
★ Supports British and American-style English
★ Saves your search when you exit

Internet required for definitions and synonyms.

Also see our excellent Anagram & Word Lookup app, great for Scrabble(tm) players.

*If you're lucky.
What's New

- fixes definition lookup problems
- improved definition formatting
- added encyclopedia (wapedia)

Crossword Helper

Reference: http://ping.fm/tX6qP

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