Update: DREAMmail for iPad (Productivity)

DREAMmail for iPad 1.1

Category: Productivity

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 -> 1.1 (iTunes)


DREAMmail for iPad is a reporting and trafficking version of Epsilon DREAMmail e-mail marketing suite.

Features :

* All APAC Farms are supported
* Login manager allowing several logins on multiple farms
* Mailing list charts and details
* Message charts and detailed reporting metrics
* Message HTML layout
* Trafficking interface with text and HTML editors
* Off line trafficking, save messages in your iPad
* Compatible in landscape and portrait modes
* English, Unicode, Simplified Chinese (GB2312) and Traditional Chinese (BIG) encodings supported.
* Import of text and HTML templates via iTunes
* User interface in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese

Note :

You must have the DREAMmail Connect permission associated with your login(s) in order to use this application. Please contact the customer support to request the access.

What's New

ITunes templates import :
Templates in the following character set can now be imported :

* UTF-8
* GB2312 (Simplified Chinese)
* BIG5 (Traditional Chinese)
* SHIFT-JIS (Japanese)
* EUC-JP (Japanese)
* Western European

When more than one character set seems to match the file, the iPad gives the choice to the user.

Export to DREAMmail :
Messages created in the iPad can now be exported to DREAMmail in Japanese (EUC-JP)

Layout Import from DREAMmail :
DREAMmail messages can be imported into the iPad. Only UTF-8, Western European, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are currently supported. Select the message and click on “Import Layout” from the main frame.

HTML Layout now in popover :
When viewing the HTML layout of a message (from the report), the HTML is now presented in a popover window, leaving the report charts and numbers in the background.

Campaign Manager :
Campaigns can now be created from the iPad. Input the name and select the default From Address. Future releases will include other type of email addresses. The default expiry date if 2019-01-01. This will be changeable in a future release.

Bug fixes :
* When importing a template and cancelling, the content of the trafficking window would disappear. This is fixed.
* When creating a message in an empty campaign, the iPad would still force the loading of the list of messages (although one was confirmed to be created). This is fixed, which allows better offline ease of use.
* The iPad would always force to download the list of messages for empty campaigns. This is fixed, which allows better offline ease of use.
* Display bug in Japanese UI (client list)
DREAMmail for iPad

Reference: http://ping.fm/u3vDR

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