Update: Helices (Music)

Helices 1.1.1

Category: Music

Price: Free, Version: 1.1 -> 1.1.1 (iTunes)


Using Helices will help improve your listening skills. Successful audio engineers & producers have acquired unique abilities to hear subtle changes in sound. Helices will help you develop these skills in no time at all. Best of all - it's easy! Specifically, while playing a built-in sound ( like pink noise ), Helices will generate a random filter setting. It's up to you to guess which frequency was affected. A running score is kept so you can gauge your progress. Perfect for students enrolled in audio & recording curricula, anyone trying to make their own music sound better, or audio professions looking to stay sharp. Included filters: boost, cut, bandpass, or randomize. Included sounds: pink noise, kick, or snare. New: Use your own sounds too!What's New

Now FREE. An in-app purchase allows you to enable all the features for $0.99.

Reference: http://ping.fm/X6PzN

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