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Holy Sword Colloquial Lite 1.4

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Price: Free, Version: 1.3 -> 1.4 (iTunes)


#Please Note:
1. The contents of scriptures are written by Japanese Fonts
2. In App Purchase will unlock the bookmark feature.

The Holy Sword Colloquial is a small software designed as an offline bible reader for iPhone/iPod touch. After the Chinese Union Edition, we are now glad to release a Japanese version with Colloquial Edition.

Like the Chinese version, some improvements and new functions were added in the Japanese version. User of this Japanese version can search the book titles and bookmark a specific chapter from any book. In addition, the chapter that user browses the latest in each book will automatically be memorized. In other words, user will always remember where to begin from last time.

The release of The Holy Sword Colloquial is indebted, with thanks, to Daniel Chen who provided us assistance in arranging the Old Testament. As for the translation assistance, we give thanks to Minoru Matsukawa. We hope that we can glorify God in all the effort and work.

"Add": Add to the Bookmark
"Picker": Open the Picker View
"Edit": Edit the Bookmark
Close the Picker: Tap the black area of the Picker View

Gesture "Pinch": Zoom in/out the scripture.
Rotation: Switching between Portrait view and Landscape view.
Single Tap: display/Hide Control Bar.
Triple Taps: resize/scale to fit window.

Note for the book's title of Colloquial Bible:
It was difficult to use the certain original titles in 66 books of
Japanese Colloquial Translation; Because it was too long to match with current Users Interface. Thus, we used an adjusted way of translated title to display them. Though holy scriptures itself in all books of Japanese translastion are
the same as "Colloquial Bible" published in 1955.


The Holy Swordは、iPhone/iPod touch用のささやかな聖書ビューアです。中国語版・和合本につづき、今回、日本語版・口語訳聖書をリリースすることとなりました。


The Holy Sword Colloquialのリリースにあたって、旧約聖書箇所のアレンジメントをしてくださったDaniel Chenと日本語ローカライズに協力してくれたMinoru Matsukawaに謝辞を送りたいと思います。私たちのこの働きを通じて、主の栄光が讃えられますように。

"追加": ブックマークの追加
"章選択": 章選択画面を開く
"編集": ブックマークの編集
章選択画面を閉じる: 選択用ホイールの周りの画面の黒い部分をタップする


新旧約の口語訳聖書各書の本来のタイトルは、このアプリの設定に適応させるために、長過ぎるものがありましたので、便宜上、このアプリ独特のタイトルをつけさせていただきましたが、聖書本文は口語訳聖書(1955)のものと同じものです。What's New

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Holy Sword Colloquial Lite

Reference: http://ping.fm/8mVc8

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