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iBiomed 1.2.3

Category: Healthcare & Fitness

Price: Free, Version: 1.2.2 -> 1.2.3 (iTunes)


Health and Biomedical Treatment Organizer.

Biomedical treatment and any holistic approach to health and fitness, usually requires a host of diets, supplements and sometimes also multiple tests and medications. For the diligent caregiver or health conscious individual, keeping track of all these can be a full-time job! iBiomed tries to simplify your life by providing you with a very easy to use mobile app, which tracks all the components of a typical biomedical treatment program and keeps a good record for both you and your health providers to make use of.


1. Treatment Log Book:
Easy data entry allows for good record keeping on-the-go with a mobile log book for Supplements, Medications, Diets, Tests etc- (limited to 10 entries in each category, for iBiomed Free).

2. Add as many Notes as you'd like to each of the above treatment items. Your Notes are time stamped and are easily searchable.

3. Manage the treatment of one or more people with your own portable Electronic Health Record (EHR). Your Health Provider has one, why shouldn’t you?! iBIomed Free allows you add up to 2 profiles. Upgrade to iBiomed Plus for unlimited profiles.

4. Treatment Journal:
Keep a Journal or daily diary for each person whose treatment you'll be managing with iBiomed. The Journal entries are time stamped and easily searchable.

5. Treatment History:
You can easily review your treatment history and even edit your past daily entries.

6. Add test results in either simple language or as numerical data which are color labeled to differentiate between normal and abnormal values. Future versions of iBiomed will also be able to represent these values on a Graph.

7. Treatment Reminder:
Alerts to help you remember to take or administer your Medications and Supplements.

8. Share Treatment Information:
Share details of your treatment plan with family, or Health Professionals by email or directly with another iOS device (Premium feature).

9. Supply Tracker. Track how much medication or supplements you have left and receive reminders when you're running out.

Premium Features.
iBiomed Plus is a premium version of iBiomed.
-> Unlimited Profiles.
-> Unlimited treatment items.
-> Share treatment data, Notes, Journals and Evaluations either by email or directly with any iOS device.

Give it a try today, Its Free. Then spread the word, write us a good review and enjoy the app.

Thanks.What's New

->Modifications to Health Forum. Can now add more personal info to forum profile.
->Improvements made to push notification
->Improved, streamlined Settings

Reference: http://ping.fm/HclKy

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