Update: MapBook: Share GPS Points of Interest and Tracks (Navigation)

MapBook: Share GPS Points of Interest and Tracks 1.8

Category: Navigation

Price: Free, Version: 1.7 -> 1.8 (iTunes)


Keep map logs of your interesting rides, runs, trips, or any adventures. Then post items and collections you want to share with others (or just your friends) to discover.

>>> The database now also includes over 100,000 USGS points of interest (mountains, trails, forests, campgrounds, ski areas, overlooks, falls, arches, wilderness, lighthouses, marinas, lava, glaciers, craters, and ruins).

+ Search for user-generated content locally or globally (see PLEASE NOTE below)
+ Tweet or email links to your items (recipients can view from any computer)
+ Record your own paths (tracks) in the background with iOS 4
+ Record your own places (points of interest)
+ Save KML files to your computer through Google Maps
+ Adjust path waypoint spacing, and select pace (vs. speed) and metric (vs. english) displays
+ Organize your paths and places into collections (folders)
+ Add photos and notes to your places, paths, and collections
+ Map the contents of your collections and search results
+ Create and post new collections that blend your items with items created by others
+ Update or remove your posted items

Places and paths are organized into collections, which are similar to folders on a computer. Collections can also include sub-collections. Your collections can consist entirely of your own items -- or you can add items from other users into your collection, creating new mosaics of places, paths, and collections.

The places, paths, and collections that you create only exist on your iPhone and are only visible to you unless you choose to post and share them. You control the share level of any posted items. You can make items public, private, or personal. Private sharing allows you to make items visible only to your friends, and personal sharing lets you limit access to selected individuals. Speed and date/time information is never posted (only the posting date for search sorting).

Imported items from other users are not modifiable. Any new collections that you create with items from other users will preserve both the content and the username of the original creators. Essentially you create links to other user’s items whenever you import them into your collections.

+ Since MapBook is just beginning it will take some time before user content exists in some areas. In the meantime you can be the first to map out the interesting places and paths in your area.
+ Path recording requires GPS (you need iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPad 3G).
+ Path recording with iPhone 3G running iOS 4 is not supported since iPhone 3G does not run background apps
+ Continued use of GPS in the background (while recording tracks) can consume significant battery power
MapBook: Share GPS Points of Interest and Tracks

Reference: http://ping.fm/Y0Fkp

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