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MasterMind Code Breaker FREE 1.1

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Price: Free, Version: 1.0 -> 1.1 (iTunes)


Can you crack the Mastermind Code?

Play this classic code breaking game custom made specially for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The object of the game is to correctly guess the exact sequence of light pegs, in both order and colour within as few guesses as possible. Once you have entered in a series of light pegs, press the "OK" button to reveal how you did. A white indicator reveals a light peg that is the correct colour, but in the wrong hole. A black indicator reveals a light peg that is the correct colour and in the correct hole. The order of indicator lights does not reflect which light pegs are correct.

Mastermind Code Breaker provides the following unique features:

- Sleek user friendly interface ensures intuitive game play and maximum usability
- Toggle sound on and off option
- Arrow buttons to navigate holes on the board and make changes to your light peg selection
- Engaging game play
- Ad Free!

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Support added for iOS 3.0 to iOS 4.0
MasterMind Code Breaker FREE

Reference: http://ping.fm/hacVW

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