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Photo Ruler FREE 1.4

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Price: Free, Version: 1.3.2 -> 1.4 (iTunes)


PhotoRuler ABC measures anything your iPhone can take a picture of. And it's easy as saying ABC! Try to believe

If you need to measure the length of a room... If you need to need to measure the width of a door... If you simply need to measure anything is in front of you, this is the application you need!

Through PhotoRuler ABC you can measure any object or value the distance from you to that object. All you need is an iPhone and an object of known size:
√ credit card
√ a driving license
√ an A4 format sheet
√ a CD/DVD.
All these everyday objects are already in the database of the program!

A) place the reference object in front of what you want measured and snap a picture
B) select the reference used from the table
C) select the upper and lower extremes of the reference, simply dragging a special control
Within the app you will find detailed instructions, but if you have any question write at: support@amsoftware.eu

At this point you can measure anything in the picture by dragging your finger! Simple as saying ABC!

Remember: if used correctly the program provides measurement with less than 0.5% error for short distances and less than 1.5% error for long distances.
Here are some tips to get perfect results:
1) in taking the picture stand right in front of the object to be measured and focus it in the center of the photo.
2) for long distances (> 15 ft) use larger references
3) save your height in the references database ... It might be usefull!

- Measurements are limited to 60 inches
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For any problems write at support@amsoftware.euWhat's New

√ iPod Touch 4G support
√ Improved using of ruler
Photo Ruler FREE

Reference: http://c.notify.me/ddDgBQ

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