Update: PhotoFlipper (Photography)

PhotoFlipper 2.0

Category: Photography

Price: Free, Version: 1.1 -> 2.0 (iTunes)


Rotate, resize, flip and crop your images and photos for free!

"This is a brand new free app that is much welcomed! Finally an app that lets you rotate your image (at 90 degree increments) or flip (horizontally and vertically) them. It’s simpl, effective and super easy to use. I’ve been wanting to horizontally flip quite a few of my IPhone image and I was forced to to it the long waay via Photoshop. Not anymore! Woohoo!

http://ping.fm/FePvt"What's New

Crop, resize, rotate, flip for free. iOS 4.1 ready.

Reference: http://ping.fm/QlpyS

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