Update: Sekai Camera for iPad (Social Networking)

Sekai Camera for iPad 1.0.4

Category: Social Networking

Price: Free, Version: 1.0.3 -> 1.0.4 (iTunes)


Welcome to a Clickable World!
Augmented Reality without a camera!?

Sekai Camera for iPad is a Social Augmented Reality application that
enables users to communicate by attaching digital tags to the real
world, customized to the capabilities of the iPad. Even though the
iPad doesn't have a camera, we're sure we've created a user experience
unique to the iPad!

Just like the iPhone version, you can access information that are
relevant to that place and time, shown as an overlay on the real
world. Sekai Camera provides a completely new interface that connects
the real world and the Web.

The following are some of the features of Sekai Camera for iPad:

1. User Generated Content Features

Air Tag: Unlike the iPhone, the iPad does not have a camera. But we
have enabled the iPad version to let users create location-based
digital annotations in the Sekai Camera AR world. Users can share
comments, memories, graffiti, and anything else that comes to mind by
leaving Air Tags at that place and moment. Other Sekai Camera users
can see them by just holding Sekai-Camera-enabled mobile devices (such
as the iPad, and of course iPhones too!) over that location.

Air Filter: a search filter to find the Air Tags users are looking
for. By specifying time, distance and type, users can sort through the
many floating Air Tags around the location.

Air Pocket: a bookmark that allows users to view Air Tags even when
users are not at the location the Air Tags were posted.

2. Social Communication Features

Warp: warp to several different preset cities around the world to
browse and post Air Tags to that location.

Wallpaper: a moving whirl of Air Tags circling around you.

Sekai Life: a life-log feature that shows how users and their friends
have interacted with Sekai Camera in a timeline display. Users can
follow other users, and view their comments and actions.

Air Profile: Air Tags that show users’ registered profiles, which
float right above any user’s iPhone for others to see - just like name
cards with any messages that you may want to add.

Air Tweet: Tweets that can be viewed as floating Air Tags.

Take your iPad wherever you go. Look up!, not down. Sekai Camera will
be your navigator to a new world that awaits you.What's New

* Added support for iOS4.2
Sekai Camera for iPad

Reference: http://ping.fm/chDNY

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