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ShowCase - Networks Edition 2.0.2763

Category: News

Price: Free, Version: 1.1.2457 -> 2.0.2763 (iTunes)


Create a slideshow in the palm of your hand.

ShowCase Net is a professional multimedia editing application for use by media networks, broadcasters, newspapers, schools, universities, and web media companies. A paid subscription with VeriCorder's Media Network services is required in order to export recordings and video files.

If you are not a commercial user, please download the ShowCase -Consumer Edition from the App Store.

The powerful ShowCase Net App allows users to put together professional quality news items, stories or podcasts on an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch (2nd gen.+). The secret is VeriCorder's advanced multi-track, non-destructive, audio editing software, which lets you seamlessly blend multiple sources, using volume curves and mixer settings

Please watch our training videos for a quick visual overview of the many features of our multi-track Editor : http://ping.fm/K1mfB

With our back-end integration software, Showcase Net can integrate fully into corporate networks, Newsroom Control Systems, podcasting servers, IPTV players and other back-end systems.

ShowCase Net updates its configuration data with VeriCorder's Media Integration Management System (MIMS) on each start-up. The MIMS AutoMagic user management functions allow subscriber companies to control the configurations all of the ShowCase Net clients carried by their reporters, all over the world. Choose your network integration, features, and even customize the branding of the App with your company logo, all from within the MIMS AutoMagic system. ShowCase Net can be configured over the Internet for most newsroom systems, such as AVID, ENPS, Octopus, or David Systems.

Imagine this: A major event has occurred on the far side of the world. You have no reporters nearby, but there are freelancers on scene, with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. You tell them to download VeriCorder's ShowCase Net software from the App Store and register their device with the MIMS system. Instantly, their software is configured to send audio, photos, slideshows, and scripts directly into your newsroom system. You have full control of their access to your newsroom network, from your console. It all happens AutoMagically.

Go to www.vericorder.com/network-integration for more information about what our MIMS AutoMagic system can do for you.

- Take pictures with your camera on the iPhone or iPod touch 4g device or import pictures from your Photo Album
- Record high quality audio and add Markers to your recording to help speed up editing
- Monitor audio recordings live, with your headphones
- Import pre-recorded audio saved in your iTunes library
- Upload audio files or pictures from your computer with the Sharing function
- Edit quickly and easily with our multi-track, non-destructive audio editor
- Do advanced audio editing with sound mixing, volume curves, etc.
- Insert and position your photos or slides on a Timeline as desired
- Includes a Script writing utility that integrates into newsroom systems
- Save your slideshows as an HD video file with devices running iOS 4.1
- Send by FTP or email over WiFi or cellular networks
- Share files wirelessly with your computer, or other iPhones running ShowCase Net
- Remotely configured for back-end system integration

- Record, Edit and Exports sound files as broadcast-ready .wav files, in Mono, CD quality at 44.1 kHz
- Email audio files as compressed M4A (AAC)
- Create and Export slideshows as h.264 movies at up to 1280x720 resolution with iOS 4.1
- Integrates with many professional newsroom systems

Contact our sales team at www.vericorder.com/contact for information on how our editing products can be customized for your company.What's New

- Render Slideshow videos at up to 1280x720 resolution on iPhone 4/3GS and iPod touch 3g/4g running iOS 4.1
- Import pictures and music from your iTunes Library with iOS 4.0+
- Video Rebuilder function repacks h.264 information in exported Slideshow videos for better video streaming
ShowCase - Networks Edition

Reference: http://ping.fm/cBbKl

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