Update: TigerFalling (Games)

TigerFalling 1.0.2

Category: Games

Price: Free, Version: 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2 (iTunes)


This application is FREE Action game.
Simply, it fall to low.
- Scaffold is auto scrolling.
- Tilt iPhone/iPod Touch to move character to left/right.
- If character disappeared from screen(top/bottom), game is over.

- Scroll speed is increased on fixed period.
- 4 kind of Items are appeared on fixed period.
* QUICK(YELLOW):Character will be moved more quickly.
* SLOW(GREEN):Character will be moved more slowly.
* WIDE(RED):Scaffolds will be more wide.
* NARROW(BLUE):Scaffolds will be more narrow.
- Meteorites and lightning is appeared at random.
* If meteorites(red ball) strike character, game is over.
* If lightning strike character, character can not move while fixed period.
- World ranking.What's New

- bugfix

Reference: http://ping.fm/yfRac

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