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Virgin Atlantic Flight Tracker 2.0

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Price: Free, Version: 1.0.9 -> 2.0 (iTunes)


Welcome to the Virgin Atlantic Flight Tracker app. This is an official app and was produced by Virgin Atlantic.

This is version 2 of our app and allows you to check-in, select seats, keep an eye on flights and check your Flying Club account while on the move. It was created as an ongoing part of our VJAM customer co-innovation programme.

This free app is simple to use and you can:

•Interact with a spinnable, zoomable world globe showing (near) real time location of our fleet of aircraft and tap on a plane and get arrival & departure information

•View the approximate flight path of the aircraft

•Set an alert which will appear on your device when the aircraft lands (needs v3 and above of the Apple operating system)

•See flight schedules/timetables taken from a live feed so they are always up to date

•Check-in and select your seat on an interactive plan of the aircraft

•View short videos of most of our destinations (from from our social travel site www.vtravelled.com)

•Display Flying Club tier points and recent transactions

•Play two simple games involving finding Richard and directing Richard’s hot air balloon between our airports. Don’t expect Doom or Halo! They are just a bit of fun to while away time.

•Link to iPhone friendly pages on the V-Flyer site such as seat maps and customer photos

If you are offline, the app will store flight and Flying Club information so you can still see most of the details.

We plan to keep it fresh by updating it at least quarterly. There is an email feedback option within the app for your suggestions of what we should add next. We really appreciate hearing your opinions, so please continue to let us know what you think!

The app is part of a family of mobile services which currently include the Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear app, the Virgin Atlantic Jet Lag app, the Virgin Atlantic mobile website (mobile.virginatlantic.com) and Virgin Blue’s Mobile Internet site and app.

For more details and terms and conditions visit http://ping.fm/97rRj

What's New

This update adds two new features and a range of small enhancements.

The new features:

(1) Flight check-in with seat maps and seat selection. This provides convenient access to the check-in service on our mobile website mobile.virginatlantic.com (which will work on any smartphone). All routes open for web-based check-in are also eligible for mobile check-in.

(2) Improved display of flight information. This provides a display of all our flights, not just those in the air. For most routes you can see yesterday’s flight, today’s flight and tomorrow’s flight, complete with scheduled, actual and estimated times.

Smaller enhancements:

- It’s now easier to see the planes over snowy regions.
- Plane photos have been updated. There is now one for each aircraft variant.
- You can tap on an airport to see flight schedules, plus videos of our destinations from our social travel site vtravelled.com. About half of our destinations currently have videos; more will be added over time.
- You can tap a plane to see the flight status, set up an alert or see the flight path.
- The Great Lakes are now indicated on the globe.
- Links have been added to other great apps from the wider Virgin Group.
- Faster loading.

In addition, our colleagues at V-Flyer have updated their pages, which now include a richer variety of content.

We hope you enjoy this update. We’re now working on the following features for a future update:

- Better resolution for the globe, so you can zoom more easily to see aircraft around busier airports.
- Easy booking management.
- A display of your Flying Club details, closer to the experience on our website.

We’ll also look at other items based on the feedback you’ve given us via the in-app email. We really appreciate hearing your opinions, so please continue to let us know what you think!

Virgin Atlantic Flight Tracker

Reference: http://ping.fm/qgSHU

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