Update: VOA Special English RSS Player Lite (Education)

VOA Special English RSS Player Lite 1.9.9

Category: Education

Price: Free, Version: 1.9.8 -> 1.9.9 (iTunes)



When you want to palyback the news audio, please touch news title, not arrow icon in table view.

2010.08.28 ver1.7.0 now can integrate with dictionary such as iDict, EBPocket.

For VOA Special English listener, RSS Audio Player is a great RSS client for iphone & iPod Touch that provide a convenient way to listen Special English from VOA web site, include RSS categories:
1. Places
2. Education
3. Foreign Student Series

The following categories only available in paid version:
4. Special English
5. U.S.A
6. World
7. U.S. History
8. American Life
9. People
10. Literature
11. Arts & Entertainment
12. Health
13. Business
14. Agriculture
15. Science & Technology

* Listen to VOA episode while reading the transcript (VOA mobile web side)
* Auto-scroll the transcript according to the speed of audio
* High-light host name and conversation sentences in the transcript
* Download transcript and mp3 into device for offline listening and reading
* Display all items count and unread items count for every feed
* View VOA episode full Web pages without opening Safari
* Support full screen for iPad
* Display categories and news in the same window on iPad
* Integration with dictionary such as iDict, EBPocket
* Support landscape mode
* Settings for downloading all categories
* Support replay mode on all news item
* Automatic play the next news
* Support background playback

If you have any question, please contact us, and give us the following information:

1. Your area where you use the app.
2. Your hardware and iOS version.
3. The trouble detail.

email: iapp@eazesystems.com
Thank you!

本軟體是[VOA特別英語聽力RSS Player]的試用版,付費版本是日本AppStore10大推薦產品之一,處於日本教育排行榜第二位(2010/07/02統計),在2010年6月中旬也曾經是中國大陸AppStore教育排行榜的第一位。而且,我們也在積極完善軟體的穩定性和功能。

* 本軟件在3G, WiFi環境下作過嚴格的測試。只要能夠訪問voanews網站的ipod, iphone, ipad都可以運行本程序。如果您發現在某些特定環境下不能正常運行,請提供我們具體信息[iapp@eazesystems.com],以便我們能盡快解決問題,方便您的使用。

-------------------------------------------------- -

* 在聽VOA特別英語新聞的同時,閱讀同步的文字新聞
* 根據特別英語的速度,自動調整文字新聞表示
* 高亮顯示主持人的名字和對話錄音文字
* 自動下載當前的聽力mp3文件,以及對應的文字新聞
* 無線網環境下的全部下載功能
* 表示未讀項目數,總項目數
* 表示對應的VOA新聞網頁,而不用切換到Safari瀏覽器
* 和字典iDict Plus, EBPocket Professional聯動
* 支持iOS4的後台播放功能
* 支持連續播放和循環播放
VOA Special English RSS Player Lite

Reference: http://ping.fm/CO8nT

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