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Time to Call ( Holidays of the World ) 1

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Has it happened to you too, you want to call somebody or some place far away from home and you wonder if it's day or night, is it working time, is it weekday, ...This application is for this problem; here is how it works:1) Enter the number using the dial pad ( or select from address book)2) Push "Check Holidays" button3) You'll see: a: Country ( and state if applicable) a: Local time and timezone of the destination b: Day of the week c: Whether it's weekday or weekend or holiday d: If it's a holiday, the occasion4) Then you can either go ahead to dial the number or save it as a favorite number for future use.Other features:* Cities : You can search in list of cities of the world, select a city, check it's holidays and timezone, and it gives you area code should you decide to call a number in that city.* World Map : Here you can see on a map of the world every country that has holiday, highlighted in color. Below the map you'll see list of all holidays on the chosen date together with their occasions.
Time to Call ( Holidays of the World )


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