Price Drop: Chef's Timer (Lifestyle)

Chef's Timer 1.0

Category: Lifestyle

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


Welcome to "Chef's Timer ".This application incorporates four timers that can be individually set and named. The application's timers survive incoming phone calls, quitting the application (in case you want to run another app like Chef's Scale for example) and putting the phone to sleep.How to use:- You spin the tumblers to select a time.- Touch any of the timers - this sets that particular timer. The timer starts counting down immediately.-Touching a running timer immediately resets it. -Touching the "Name me!" allows for labeling the timers. -Touching the open "safe" at the bottom locks the timers so they cannot be accidentally changed. -Touching the analog clock on the bottom left switches to an analog view. In this view you can view each timer in an analog format. You can rotate between timers by selecting any of the small clocks on either side of the stopwatch.-Touching the stopwatch button/winder you return to the digital view.-When a timer fires, you can silence it by touching the timer itself. The same goes for the analog side.That's it. Have fun!
Chef's Timer


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