Price Drop: CrossFyre (Games)

CrossFyre 1.0

Category: Games

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


12-2-09In the interest of getting the word out on this cool, inventive game we've decided to make this version free. This way everybody can try the game out and if they like it can purchase the upcoming full version (more levels, more enemies, more weapons) that will be released in the near future!Game Overview:Use the technology behind your iPod Touch or iPhone to prevent annihilation of Earth's population! An alien armada is heading our way and only a pair of angelic ships positioned opposite each other stand in their way. Gameplay Overview: Using the accelerometer, move the ships up and down to attack the enemies scrolling from the top-center of the screen. Drag and drop unique weapons on to your ships to thwart the aliens' advance. Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses so try different strategies against the enemy.Feature List:- Highly unique, one-of-kind gameplay experience exclusively designed for the iPod Touch and iPhone. - Beautiful cutscenes set up each level before the battle begins.- Gorgeous pixel art combined with cool animations of the ANGLS and the aliens that threaten Earth.- Heart pounding soundtrack gets your blood pumping during the fight!- Drag and drop weapons using the touch screen forcing you to constantly switch depending on which aliens are present.- Inventive blend of the shooter and tower defense genres.- For fans of shooters, tower defense games, and other actions games in general.


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