Price Drop: GPS Trackr ~ GPS tracker with GPS tracking for friends and family! (Social Networking)

GPS Trackr ~ GPS tracker with GPS tracking for friends and family! 1.0.2

Category: Social Networking

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0.2 (iTunes)


✭✭✭✭✭ Track the "actual" location of your friends, kids or business associate with a finger tap! This app uses location from device's GPS information and is not a fake location tracking simulator.➜ ➜ Reviews* ➜ ➜❝[Featured in] Top 5 apps of the week.❞ —❝Real time tracking as you'd expect from it.❞ —❝Won't mind having this on my iPhone's homescreen...❞ —* illegitimate)Ever been to a conference, coffee, meeting or a party where you can't find your friend or co-worker? Or want to know where your kids are right now?That's what GPS Trackr app will let you do. Download now!➜ ➜ Features ➜ ➜✔ Simple Workflow.Using this app is very easy, thanks to it's intuitive and slick user interface.✔ Privacy and PermissionsGPS Trackr is designed with user privacy at it's core. Your contacts would require prior approval before they are authorized to track you. ✔ Push NotificationsUsers receive immediate contact and track requests with Push Notifications through fast and reliable servers.✔ User StatusUsers have a status to let you know if they are tracking you right now or if they are available for tracking. Customized status messages will be available in coming updates.✔ Unlimited ContactsThere is no limit on the number of contacts you can have.✔ Fully SupportedGPS Trackr is a fully supported app. If you feel uncomfortable with something in the app, or if some action fails, or you have a feature request just email us at the support address. We'll get back as soon as possible.✔ Multiple Devices TrackerIf you have multiple devices (iPod Touches, iPhones or iPads), you can play around tracking each other!✔ Facebook and Twitter IntegrationFuture feature update will include support to authenticate using your Facebook or Twitter account and directly track your friends with personalized permissions.➜ ➜ How to use ➜ ➜❶ Register or Login❷ Add ContactsIf the contacts already signed up, they'll receive a notification to confirm the contact request. Otherwise they'll receive an email inviting them to download and install the app. Once they register with app, their contact request will automatically be approved.❸ Start Tracking away!Tap the user in your contacts list to start tracking them.That's all!Purchase GPS Trackr today!✭✭✭✭✭
GPS Trackr ~ GPS tracker with GPS tracking for friends and family!


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