Price Drop: KungFu U (Healthcare & Fitness)

KungFu U 2.0

Device: iPhone

Category: Healthcare & Fitness

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 2.0 (iTunes)


Five High Quality Instruction Video Demo Included! NO CONNECTIVITY IS REQUIRED!Start Kung Fu Practice From Scratch! Best For Kung Fu Starters and Lovers Alike! It's the MOST AFFORDABLE One in App Store! Learn Kung Fu basics with Kung Fu U! Start Kung Fu practice from scratch!BEST for Kung Fu starters and MOST affordable one! ===================App Features===================- Support In-App Purchase.Download Two Additional Kung Fu Apps Conveniently Tai Chi Chuan And Pa Kua Chang (Exclusive).Both Share The Same Feature of Kung Fu U: High Quality Video Demo, Thorough Into to The Craft, Basic Moves and More! Best Value For Money!- 5 Video Demo of Basic Kung Fu Practice. 4 Step By Step and 1 Complete.- High Quality Videos To Ensure Smooth Playback.- 200+ Clear and Easy To Follow Illustrations of Basic Kung Fu Moves.- Warm-up Guidance to Prevent Injury During Practice.- Concise Instruction of Hand Forms,Stances and Kick Techniques.Have you ever got Kung Fu fancy in your life?Wanna learn some cool tricks like side kick and back sweep?With Kung Fu U, you finally get a chance to impress your friends with your Kung Fu maneuver! Kung Fu is practiced by millions of people around the world and has become part of their daily life! Countless movies (like Kung Fu Panda) are inspired by this beautiful art!Kung Fu practicing is BETTER than other forms of exercise for -Promoting HEALTH and FITNESS.-Improving flexibility.-Increasing your muscle tone.-Building SELF-CONFIDENCE.Plus,the ability to DEFEND oneself is great asset from kung fu training. It also offers an excellent outlet for STRESS RELIEF!If you decide to learn kung fu,yet find the DVDs cost WAY too much and don’t wanna spend even a dime on the hard-to-understand books, then this app would be your best fit!**Special Tips**If you have a big mirror in a place where you can practice, you can check your postures according to illustrations and videos.If you have a friend that has your same enthusiasm, it would be best!You could both practice the movements by following the demo, and try to correct the other's mistakes. You’ll progress faster in this way!**Follow Us on Twitter!** (Search GoodCode)**Fan Us for Upcoming Update Info!**
KungFu U


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