Price Drop: Silent Alarm Private (Utilities)

Silent Alarm Private 1.1

Device: iPhone

Category: Utilities

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


Silent Alarm. Created by the bigeframe team.============================ This is a security application. It will help you locate your iPhone or iTouch if it gets stolen. If anyone presses the Private Web icon, an automatic email will get sent to you. It will include the time, message, IP address, IP service link, and geo coordinates with map link to the current location of the iPhone or iTouch. You can then use this information to track it down. We recommend calling the Police. Give them the information so they can do their job. Silent Alarm will work on second or greater generation iPhone and iTouch devices. Do not buy if you have first your alarm a few times before you put any faith in it.-Put the icon of this program on your main screen.-Engrave the back of your phone with your initials.-Write down your serial number and put in a safe place.-Write down your contact phone number xxx - xxxx in the message field.-If you have the iPhone, contact your service provider and report it stolen.-Take action while the trail is hot. send the emailed information to the police ASAP.If you ever get your iPhone or iTouch stolen, then recover it, please send us an email to and tell us your success story.A good wifi or cellular connection is needed for this application to work up to its full potential. ===========================We want everybody to be happy. Send an email message as to how we can make the application better. Thank You for downloading our app.Tell a friend about Silent app will tell the user to restart the program on purpose. This is ment to get a more accurate GPS location. The app is working normally if it is telling you to restart it. A restart of the app will flush out any old GPS data. Each time it is restarted you should get a new email sent to you.The user is shown a connecting graphic to simulate a free connection to your private server. This is meant to hold the intrest of the thief.Click on the hammer icon to change your email and password settings.The items below can be found on the settings screen. Password and email are required fields.password: The password has to be entered before you can change the settings. Set the password to something that you can remember. If you forget it then you will need to uninstall this program and reinstall to reset the password. If the password is entered incorrectly the program will send an email each time triggering the silent address: This is where you put in your contact email address. When the alarm is triggered it will send an email to this address. If your email carrier does not acknowledge the email you may want to get a different email account.message: enter a message that you want to send along with the email. This feature is useful for things like a distress message or simple reminder of your local police number and such.
Silent Alarm Private


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