Price Drop: Space Strike (Games)

Space Strike 1.1

Device: iPhone

Category: Games

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


IF YOU LIKE "ATOMADERS" YOU WOULD LOVE THIS GAME! IF YOU DO NOT KNOW "ATOMADERS" YOU WOULD LOVE THIS GAME TOO!Joint production of Oleg Kabanov and Dmitry Nosochenko."Space Strike" is a space-shooter where player must kill alien invaders by shooting missiles. The game provides addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics and great background music. There are many super-strikes and extra capabilities that are rewarded during the game - just start playing and reveal them!GAME FEATURES:* Innovative game controls.* 23 game levels.* Increase of game complexity for each next level.* Energetic background music and realistic sounds.* Auto-Save and Auto-Restore (game can be closed anytime and next time the game starts it automatically restores state of play where it was interrupted).* Game pause/resume.
Space Strike


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