Price Drop: Stair Climber 2 (Games)

Stair Climber 2 1.0.0

Category: Games

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0.0 (iTunes)


Website: 2 is the greatly anticipated game that simulates the experience of climbing stairs without getting sweaty in real life. Finally, angina sufferers can breath easy, climb to your hearts content, without the fear of crippling chest pains.Stairclimber 2 uses real high end physics to simulate stair climbing across 5 action packed levels! Enjoy multiple stair colors, while trying to over come the distractions of obstacles on the stairs. Challenge yourself in the most intense boss battle ever presented in a stair climbing game.A compelling story with heavy use of metaphors comes to a fascinating conclusion, as the tale reveals what happened to your long lost father.Irresistible two button game play that will keep you playing!Beat the game to unlock the "Infinite Staircase", and challenge your friends. Who will be the ultimate stair climber!It's time to climb!
Stair Climber 2


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