Update: All Of Wikipedia: Offline Lite (Reference)

All Of Wikipedia: Offline Lite 1.36

Device: Universal

Category: Reference

Price: Free, Version: 1.35 -> 1.36 (iTunes)


Get ready, AllOfWiki Offline Lite has a quarter million articles, requires about a half a gig of data, and contains all the fuctionality of AllofWiki Offline. Containing all articles that start with the letter 'A', this FREE version allows you to test all the features you would be getting with the full version. Don't believe it works? Try it!

Lite version supports French and English, with more on the way.

AllOfWiki Offline is the fastest, most frequently updated, and fully featured completely offline Wikipedia application available for iPad and iPhone/iPod. Sync once and you'll never need a connection again to have every single article on Wikipedia!

"I have bought plenty of wikipedia apps and this is by far the best one! Keep up the good work" - sammygarcia

"I was skeptical at first but after downloading the program and leaving it on to download for about two hours, I came back to the entire wikipedia on my iPad! Super fast searching, and it looks like every artcle minus the pictures. Amazing!" - F2959

"...Great offline app for those who pay by the megabyte and like to research all day long. Need to check facts online occasionaly but great to start offline. Thanks!!" - Curious

- Instant search and article loading. Literally.
- Full version contains in app updating of Wikipedia data dumps. No re-installing.
- Bookmarks, history, random article feature, table of contents, etc.
- Change the font size, font type, and background.
- Landscape viewing with orientation lock.
- View live version of current article without leaving the application.
- Fully resumable compressed database downloads hosted on distrubuted cloud servers. Very fast.

- Contains every article in the Wikipedia database starting with 'A'!

1) When you first buy the app, you're prompted to download the data dump over wifi. This should take anywhere between 15 and 90 minutes depending on your connection speed, the time of day, the relative humidity, and wind direction. Just follow the instructions!

2) You now have these articles on your device. Use it wherever you are, you don’t need an internet connection.

3) See the full version on how to stay up to date with your version of Wikipedia.

Please email support@brilliantish.com with any issues you have whatsoever.

All Of Wikipedia: Offline Lite

Reference: http://ping.fm/tg3G9

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