Update: Animal Book HD (Education)

Animal Book HD 1.1

Category: Education

Price: Free, Version: 1.0 -> 1.1 (iTunes)


Animal Book is an app that lets your kid learn all the animals and the alphabet. It has great graphics as well as real images of different animals. The app also contains sounds made by different animals and a quiz Features: - Containing 37 beautiful animals illustrations and their sounds - More than 260 real animals pictures - Add pictures from your iPhone to the existing animal pictures - Play slideshow of the pictures - Quiz to recognize the animals from their sounds. Animal Names localized in 16 languages. Names are displayed based on the language of iPhone: English French German Japanese Dutch Polish Spanish Portuguese Danish Hebrew Italian Korean Norwegian Swedish Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional ************ Check our related apps: ************ First Animals - Complete app containing animal book, baby engage and baby soothe. Baby Engage - Themes to engage your baby with wonderful animations. Baby Sweet Dreams - Themes to soothe the baby and make it fall asleep. ************
Animal Book HD

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