Update: GlobeTagger (Social Networking)

GlobeTagger 1.40

Device: iPhone

Category: Social Networking

Price: Free, Version: 1.3 -> 1.40 (iTunes)


Graffiti in the 21st century! GlobeTagger gives you the power to leave a 140-character message wherever you are in the world. You can see tags left by others around your current position, either as a list of tags or on a map. You can set a category for the tag (e.g. history, restrooms, food), and can filter tags you are viewing by category.With GlobeTagger, you can:* tell others your opinion of this place* rant about the world* leave cryptic notes for others to follow* provide historical info for future travelers* provide recommendations for things to do or see* leave your markIt is all up to your imagination. So go wild and start GlobeTagging now!For the deskbound, all of the world's tags can be seen at www.globe-tagger.com. There users also have a forum to exchange ideas on globe-tagging and provide feedback to the developers for future enhancements. However, you can only leave tags by physically being at the GPS coordinates you want to tag.

Reference: http://ping.fm/rmhVw

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