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LC Calculator 1.1

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Agilent LC Calculator version 1.0 Calculate the possibilities! The LC Calculator quickly calculates flow rate and back pressure under a variety of conditions and column dimensions allowing you to explore “what if” scenarios. > Use the Back Pressure Calculatorto determine what column configurations will work within your system's pressure range. > Use the Flow Rate Calculatorto find the column flow rate generated at your desired system back pressure. How it works:1. Select column dimensions2. Select the solvent — (ACN/H2O) or (MeOH/H2O)3. Adjust the % organic solvent4. Set the temperature of the column within the allowable range of 20-100° C5. Set the Porosity value. Porosity is the interparticle space in the column and typically has a value of ~0.40 6. Slide or double tap the flow rate or back pressure slider bar at the bottom to calculate the back pressure or flow rate generated
LC Calculator

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