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Poligonia 2.0

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Price: Free, Version: 1.1 -> 2.0 (iTunes)


--- Version 2.0 with Game Center integration is coming ! ----Poligonia is a battle among virtual polygons drawn on a real territory.Each polygon moves to capture antagonist’s vertexes within its own surface.The polygons represent teams consisting of at least one player; they are identified with vertexes that, at the beginning of the game, are virtually placed on the battle field by the team leaders and then are moved by the players that move physically in the territory. Players use a smartphone with a GPS receiver and an Internet connection to communicate their position and to check the status of the battle.There are two type of battle:- Direct elimination: every time a vertex is captured it’s removed from the belonging team. A polygon with less than 3 vertexes is eliminated. The winner is the only team that remains on the battle field or, if the battle time ends, the team with more vertexes.- Score based: every time a polygon includes an antagonist’s vertex the corresponding team increase its score by one. The winner is the team with the best score at the end of the battle

Reference: http://ping.fm/kDpFx

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