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Run Logger Free 2.1.94

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Price: Free, Version: 2.1.9 -> 2.1.94 (iTunes)


RunLoggerFree It has the following features. A.Real time RUN View.  Time, distance, average speed, speed/altitude graph and highest speed/minimum and the highest altitude. B.Real time Map View.  A route, time, distance, average speed speed, and altitude. C.A display unit can be specified.  km/h mph m/sec sec/km. D.A Logging result can be saved as a file.   A "comment" can be added to a log file. and can be saved a maximum of 7 files. E.The present position of a log can be moved and the following information can be displayed.  Time, distance, average speed speed, and altitude. F. The consumption calorie by the simple calculation type can calculate. G. The action log can be transmitted with the mail attached file. The file format are csv, kml, and xml, and can display the route with Google Earth as it is for kml. H. When the home button is pushed while measuring it, the measurement situation is automatically preserved. The measurement before is continued when reactivating. I. The measurement data is preserved when the home button is pushed, and the measurement is continued when reactivating. J. The measurement data is preserved when measuring it for 6 hours, and the measurement begins from the beginning. K. Mail address/weight/Camera setting L. The measurement result is appended mailing and transmitted. The csv/kml/xml form can be specified, and the route can be displayed with google-earth for kml. Ver1.5.1(Need OS3.1 or later)A. The camera function was added.  The photoed picture adds GPS position information and saves it on a camera roll. Moreover, a camera pin is arranged on a map in a photography position. 1) Photography picture size 360x480. 2) Arrange the camera pin of a photography position. On/Off. 3) Continuation spaced 5 to 10 seconds apart photography . Continuation photography number of sheets 3.4) Continuation photography picture size :360x480. 5) All screen photography switches.  A photograph can be taken wherever it may touch of a screen . 6) After 3,4 seconds switch.  There is a function which pushes a switch and is photoed after 3 or 5 seconds. 7) The date was added to the camera picture.B. Headdin Up/North Up.(3G/3GS)----------------------------------------Ver2.0.41. Data upload bug fix.2. jogNote tweet with Image.3 Add Real Time display mode.Ver2.0.2 1) Add. jogNote(http://ping.fm/BRhu8) tweet function.Ver2.0.0 A function is equivalent to RunLoggerMini.Ver1.6.21) The tweet function was added.2) The bookmark function was added.3) The address search function was deleted.4) The KML file transmitting function with altitude was added.Ver.1.6.01)Two Target=destinations can be set up.2)The address search function was added.Ver1.5.91) Map screen shot.Ver1.5.51)hair cursor On/Off
Run Logger Free

Reference: http://ping.fm/4zXKF

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